Suzuki GS (various models) '79-'83 Aluminium front fender


These beautifully finished front fenders are specially made for various Suzuki GS models of 1979-1983. The brushed aluminium fenders are crafted with great pride. The brackets are made of 3mm stainless steel, and both the fender and brackets can be painted in color if desired. Because the brackets have a slotted hole, the fender is adjustable in height.


Fits the following models:

- GS550L 1979-1981

- GS650GL 1981-1983

- GS750L 1979

- GS850GL 1980-1983

- GS1000(L) 1979-1981

- GS1100GL 1982-1983


Fits with the following tire sizes:

- 100/90-19

- 110/90-19

- 3.00-19

- 3.25-19

- 3.50-19

- 4.00-19


Comes with:

- Aluminium fender (1,5mm)

- 2x CNC stainless steel 3mm mounting brackets

- Mounting hardware



The product images also show some pictures of the plastic front fender. The shape of these fenders is the same as the aluminium ones.


This front fender model has been made to fit several brands/types. Not available for your make/model? Contact us for the possibilities.