A custom bike garage from The Netherlands, founded by Stefan in 2017. RMR is specialized in designing and the production of affordable custom motorcycle parts. Designed using modern technologies, fabricated with many of our custom-made tools, and made out of high-quality materials. By using 3D scanning and printing technologies, we can reverse-engineer certain areas of a motorcycle and prototype awesome parts.

The passion for motorcycles is what thrives us, not only at RMR, but almost every hobbyist or professional bike builder around the globe shares these feelings. This is what makes the custom motorcycle community so special!

Besides designing and producing bike parts, we build custom bikes from top to bottom. Every single bike is handcrafted with its own unique style and assembled with the highest precision thanks to Stefan’s aircraft maintenance background.

Want to have certain parts made for your bike? Contact us! The options are almost limitless because we won’t shy away from challenges.

-Built to perfection-