Stainless steel start flange (various sizes)


Looking to fabricate your own exhaust? Look no further! With a thickness of 5mm and a range of sizes available, these universal start flanges are sturdy and ensure a perfect fit. These high-quality 304L Stainless steel exhaust flanges, used on our own exhaust systems, are available for the following tube sizes: 

  • 38mm
  • 44.5mm
  • 50.8mm

To install the flanges, the tube must have a slight chamfer. Following this, you can press the flanges onto the tube using a vice or gently tapping them with a hammer. Once they are fully seated, proceed to weld them onto the tube, creating an ideal sealing surface for your exhaust seal. Choose the appropriate size for your specific tube diameter!


Note: Flanges are sold as a set of 2 (one inner, and one outer ring)