'Highmount' Link-pipe BMW K100

€169,95 €199,95

High Mount Exhaust Link-pipe BMW K100 (stainless steel). This beautiful stainless steel piece is a great way to get a nice stainless steel exhaust for your BMW! The link-pipe is developed for the BMW K100 collector in a collaboration with Caferacerwebshop.com. With this link-pipe you can choose the muffler you like.

Fits to a BMW K100 with:

  • Single shock absorber
  • Modified subframe like on the pictures


RVS BMW K100 0-graden collector (art code: 32-0023 Caferacerwebshop.com)
This BMW K100 RVS Link-pipe
Muffler 51mm ID (art code: 01-0102 in voorbeeld Caferacerwebshop.com)