Crash bar Harley-Davidson Dyna ’92 – ’17


Enhance the protection of your Harley-Davidson Dyna with our robust Crashbar, designed to fit models from 1992 to 2017. Unlike many other crash bars on the market, these sturdy bars are fully functional and provide proper protection for your motorcycle.

  • Optimal Protection: Our crash bars are engineered to significantly reduce potential damage to the shift/brake pedal and other critical parts in the event of a tip-over.
  • Optional Footpegs/Sliders: Enhance the protection further with our optional footpegs/sliders (Art. 98-2544). These add an extra tipping point to safeguard more components of your bike.
  • Shock Frame-Sliders: Combine these crash bars with our Shock frame-sliders (Art. 98-2467) for even greater protection.
  • Durable Finish: Finished with a 2-layer semi-gloss black powder coat for enhanced durability and a sleek appearance.

Important Notes:

  • Fitment: Exclusively fits mid-control Dyna models. It is not compatible with forward-control configurations.
  • Mounting: The crashbar includes a top mounting bolt. The original bolts are utilized for the lower mounting points.
  • Optional Footpegs Kit: The optional footpegs kit includes two footpegs, mounting materials, and four bar-end caps (two spares).

Protect your bike with our high-quality crash bars, ensuring your Dyna remains in top condition.