BMW K-series fandisc


We've designed an awesome Fandisc for the BMW K-series.
The fandisc has a structured finish which adds a great contrast to your perfectly coated wheels. The center of gravity of the design is perfectly at the center of the disc, so it won't affect the balancing of your wheel. Tested with speeds up to 225km/h.
The fandisc has a black color, but can be painted to your own wishes.

To mount the fandisc, you need to replace the original wheel bolts with the included set of lugs and nuts. (see last picture)

The fandisc fits the Y-spoke wheel of the BMW K-series with disc brakes. (it doesn’t fit the K75 drum brake rear wheel)


  • 1x fandisc
  • 4x wheel lug
  • 4x wheel lugnut
  • 4x countersunk bolt