The Honda Dominator NX650, a one-cylinder 4 stroke motorcycle with a high fun factor!

This Honda Dominator has a lot of custom work to it.
Let’s begin with the wheels, those original rims were not quite the deal if you want to get the right looks. A 21″ front and 17″ rear couldn’t get the sporty look to it, so the owner has mounted a nice set of Excel wheels with 18″ rear and 19″ on the front which looked pretty nice on the bike!
The front springs are internally lowered, and the rear shock absorber is stiffened up a bit by placing custom laser cut stainless steel bushings.
All electronics are simplified and the switch wiring goes through the inside of the handlebars. Of course the rear side has been modified, and a handmade seat all made by the owner himself! Some custom made brackets were made for the old Zundapp gas tank, which really gives it a nice look because it’s quite small.

A tracker/scrambler is a bit of an “all-terrain” bike, so you can’t ride without a good set of fenders. Those 2 fenders are custom made on my English wheel out of 2mm aluminum sheet (as you can see in de video).
After all the modifications and rebuilding, I went for a few test runs on the Tovami dyno to ensure the air/fuel mixture was right on spot.

Special thanks to Mark Meisner (Mark Meisner Motografie) for taking the pics while he came by for a cup of coffee and a beer!

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