The bike was dismantled by the owner 10 years ago, to be completely rebuild. But sadly the bike was still laying in crates 10 years later. After some brainstorming and deliberation we came to a final design which the customer and I were very pleased about.

The most important requirements of the bike were to work with an early MV Agusta gas tank, almost every part painted black in matte, semi-gloss and gloss, café racer rear but also the possibility to ride with 2 person, aggressive but still classic and a full stainless exhaust.

First things first, we began with a quick assembly which was needed to check all engine functionalities and determine all shapes and lines like gas tank position, subframe height and lots of other small details. After we’ve done this, the engine could be tested. It passed the compression test with excellence. After a valve adjustment, clutch inspection and oil and filter replacement, the engine was running smoothly.

The subframe was bend on our home made laser cut/3D printed tube bender and was aligned and welded on the bike. For the seat bottom we’ve used a Forex PVC sheet and to bring back the matte and semi-gloss black, we chose a combination of black leather and suede for the seat cover with a laser engraved logo all made by Miller Kustom Upholstery. The customer wanted a dual seater but also a café racer rear, so we’ve designed and hand made a removable Aluminium rear fairing which slides on top of the seat easily.

The front wheel is modified to mount two brake discs. We’ve overhauled the master brake cylinder, brake callipers and front fork. Replaced the front and rear wheel bearings and fitted new brake pads and a new JTsprocket /Tsubaki sprocket/chain set.

To mount the headlight and speedometer we’ve designed and 3D printed brackets from PETG a strong and durable material, perfect for use on motorcycles!

The paintjob was designed by us and painted by Cees from MOPAK Motor Paint Kruisland, a true artist!

To top it all off, a custom stainless steel exhaust system from front to back. This is what we do a lot in our shop!

A quick overview of modified parts:

  • MV agusta 350 gas tank
  • Subframe
  • Leather/suede seat
  • Removable seat cover
  • 3D printed headlight brackets and speedometer bracket
  • Dual disc conversion
  • Overhauled: Brake cylinder, callipers, carburettors and front fork.
  • Custom rear set
  • New tires, sprocket/chain set
  • Stainless steel exhaust (38mm)

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